It’s been two weeks since I last posted, but I am happy to still get a steady read count from my previous ones. It means there are people really looking up for something to resonate with in their own journey. July 2017 is a handful.

I needed some time to process things within first and really marinate myself in everything that has happened. It was a lot to chew on but it was a beautiful buffet of events. Did you have that buffet too? I bet you did.


Divine Masculines (DM) are waking up they say. And in my head I thought “Really? I can’t feel it.”

I remember one morning, I woke up to the neighbors’ music. The crazy thing is that they are two neighbors playing two different songs at the same time – in full volume! Like WT? And both songs reminded me of my DM. It was the 1st of July. That was probably the reason why I was prompted to send him a message that day like a lighthearted ‘hello July’ kind of message with a subliminal reminder of “hurry up man! move!” LOL!

He replied after two days, and his message is a response to the subliminal message telling me his action plans and apologizing. He read my mind. It took him two days to read it though. LOL! I just replied with a short “It’s ok. :)”

It seemed like a calm and grounded reply from me but deep within I felt really impatient towards him. So I tried looking for ways that could assist me in my grounding aside from meditation. I honestly wanted to forget about my TF journey for a while (though I know it can’t be because he’ll be in my head one way or another). I needed to take my thoughts away from him even for a short while. I came across some articles about crystals and how it can help with the energies.

Anyway, here is when his (3D) silence began.

Something started making noise though – the signs and syncs popped up like crazy! Seeing repeated numbers especially 11:11 and for this month, 9:11 showed up many times to me.

Have you been through the same? I took note of everything and here’s a peek. It would be quite long for you to read this but this is how crazy the whole month went.

Day 4 no contact.  I felt unseen. I wrote that in my journal. My intuition again pushed me to stay grounded. And then I came across an article with a title “He sees you.” I smiled and thanked my angels for that reassurance. Also, a car passed by our house with a booming music playing a song that reminded me of him (because he sang that song before). I also went back to painting as my way of grounding. It helped a lot.

Day 5 no contact. I saw 9:11 and got curious about the numerology. I saw an article linking that number to twin flames, and how the number has been misled to mean tragedy or emergency. I got even curious if the twin tower has something to do with “twin” flames/ twin souls. Why would they mislead people?

Day 6 no contact.  I woke up feeling super exhausted, like I was on the move in my dream state. For what it was, I know I did a lot of work. The number 2323 flashed in my mind before I awoke.

Day 7 Still no contact. But I tried to convince myself that it’s fine. Anyway, our longest no contact yet was two weeks, so ALL GOOD. Another car passed by our house with the same song as in day 4, I don’t now if it was the same car. And I saw 9:11 again. And then my DM posted a playlist he was currently listening to – worship songs. Talk about crown chakra.

Day 10 no contact. I felt down and short-tempered this day for no reason. I guess I picked up his energy. I also heard the song he once sang on a short clip but it was focused on the lyrics that went like “I will try hard to forget you.” My intuition told me that he was resisting me or trying to let go. Also in the early afternoon, I felt some hot flashes and dizziness, the same feeling I got before when I tried to ask God to cut our cord. I know by now that I can’t. The only way is to surrender to the universe/ God’s will.

Day 12 no contact. I started to feel anxious. It’s almost two weeks. An article popped in my feed about crystals for the twin flame journey. Like a reminder for me to really get some, because I need assistance in grounding.

Day 14 no contact. I met with my girl friend for some lunch out just to get my mind off the fact that it’s officially two weeks no contact. Afterwards, my feet took me to the crystal shop where I bought my first set of crystals – rose quartz, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, black tourmaline, and citrine. Got them cleansed together with the jade loop that my sister gifted me a year ago. I felt unusually exhausted on my way home. I googled about it and found out that dizziness can be the body’s adjustment to the crystal’s energy. I was amazed. Clearly I felt overwhelmed with the new energy presence. I saw 9:11 again.

That same day, my DM posted a photo of him with the caption “With great power comes great responsibility”. And in my head I was like “I really hope he knows what power he has. We’re twin flame baby!” But still no contact.

Day 15. For the first time in a long while I slept soundly. I don’t know if it was caused by the crystals because I slept beside them the whole night. Though for the rest of the day, my heart hurt. I cried some tears. I purged. I slept a lot even. And told myself to let go. Still no contact.

Day 16. I dreamed about him unwrapping gifts and he looked so happy. I don’t know what the dream meant but this was the 2nd time this month that I get to remember that he was in my dream. Did he just received some gifts from the higher realm? I do’t know for sure. But may be.

This day however, I felt completely in surrender mode. I could not feel him anymore and I felt fine and freer. I saw a feather in our balcony. A black and white combination, which when I looked it up, it meant balance and union. My heart leaped for a bit. I kept the feather.

Day 17. I started my Day 1 of So Purkh. It is a prayer for women to call out the perfect partner for them and also to improve the masculine presence in their life. It was suggested by one of the TF lightworkers. I started mumbling along the foreign words while internalizing the meaning of the mantra.

Two soulmates actually were extra sweet to me in the comments to my post that same day. I was not quite sure if it was because of the current energy, the crystals I have, or the so Purkh which I just started but really I was super grateful. That while my DM is still doing his internal work (which consequently making me feel unseen), there are other masculines that made me feel special and appreciated.

Still no contact. I am no longer expecting though. It clearly went past the two-week usual no contact. And I withdrawn energetically as well. I let go of control. Full feminine on.

I saw 11:11 and found another feather again this day.

Day 18. This day he posted the quote “…And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” To tell you honestly, it is was not like him at all in his usual posts. I’m seeing his heart chakra really opening.

I felt him. I don’t know if he saw my interaction with the two soulmates that popped up suddenly but I felt like it has affected him.

Segue, I know by now you think I sound like a stalker but I won’t confirm nor deny it. I wanted to know how the energies are affecting him as well.

Not to mention how the universe has been bombarding me with syncs! This day, my sister mistakenly tagged a different person on her photo instead of me. When I clicked the link, it happened to be the wife of a guy with the same name as my DM. I literally laughed when I saw it because the universe was teasing me.

Day 19. I. Received. A. SMS. From. Him. Sent at 1 am. I just saw it four hours later, some few minutes before 5 am and I almost jumped out of bed like I didn’t know if I was dreaming. He asked if I was at my place.

I was reminded to be receptive and warm when he comes in contact again. I did that and said that I was and asked him why. He was still awake at 5 am. He replied.

I thought the convo would lead to some meaty one, but his reply was weird. He thought I was out of the country because he said he saw my post with lots of flowers. I didn’t post anything with flowers, but my profile photo is the one I took back in April spring time. I doubted for a while if he just wrongly sent that to me, but I felt within how he longs to talk to me but couldn’t figure out how. I didn’t want to end the convo with him realizing how weird his reply was, so I just told him how I would wake up between 4:30 and 5 am for some two weeks already. Now we’re both weird. LOL!

Still in day 2 of my So Purkh and I don’t know if this is also linked to him contacting me, or it’s because the current energy is at that same phase of DMs wanting to communicate.

He was active in social media this very same day. He expressed his thoughts with so much passion. Throat and third eye chakra right there. I see him transforming right before my eyes. My DM is activating his upper chakras in quite a fast pace.

I saw another feather again this day.

Day 20. He posted about God. I feel him going through some major awakening and a really fast-paced one. I know how crazy it felt for me and took me months (I guess a year or so), so I sent so much love for him energetically.

Day 22. He initiated a very profound conversation with me, I almost cried. He opened up about the reason why he was silent, he apologized for his past actions, asked me how I felt and how do I prefer to mover forward from this. He told me about how he was talking to God all the time, and told me about his future plans. I felt overwhelmed. This is a clear manifestation of an awakened Divine Masculine.

It’s officially my birthday as I come to the conclusion of my post. It was like an early birthday present for me for witnessing my counterpart finally remembering his soul path. I am amazed how powerful God is. I have learned that this journey is not for the faint of heart. The keys are surrender and staying in balance within yourself.

Don’t ignore the signs and synchronicities. They are your allies.

August is a surprise. Fasten your seat belt.

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