I definitely do. Like crazy.

I have transformed a hundredfold within the last four months since I have become aware of my awakening. I actually prefer to define it as “coming to awareness” rather than “awakening” because I realized that every experience we had beginning in our childhood was part of the process of remembering who we really are, of refining us. However for simplicity in expressing myself, I will use awakening interchangeably.

Have you ever wondered how long God or the universe or angels or spirits (however you want to call The Guide) has/have been trying to “wake”us up into remembering? I did. I almost laughed at myself for being so slow to wake up! But now, I have come to the understanding that we all are working with the energies according to our own alignment with our self and with God, and we awaken at the right time – at the Divine perfect time. That is probably why I hear the words “collective”, “first wave”, “second wave”. Believe me I still do not know what wave I am in but I resonate with a lot of the horoscopes and general tarot readings. So I concluded that I am on the right track.

I am a totally different person now I can say. I had several old beliefs that have gone to the trash and some other beliefs that I believe I need to work on or polish and even shake up a bit. And much more so, new beliefs arose from this awakening – even the belief on planetary alignments and moon cycles and crystals to name a few. I developed a highly spiritual outlook in life to the point of deciphering signs and synchronicities that increased in frequency by the day.

This is probably why the last four months have been very overwhelming for me. I felt the need to catch up, research, understand more. Like I have gone to a severe case of amnesia and am starting to long for my old memories.

It is a good kind of overwhelming though, because I never felt drained. In fact, I could not get enough of knowing more. I read one article to another, watch one clip to another and so on. And gaining this knowledge feels like I am gaining a higher perspective literally and figuratively (i.e. spiritually).

While my old self would look at me in scrutiny that I am obsessing over senseless things and going nowhere, my Higher Self is telling me that every information I choose and resonate with are all Divinely guided. I am learning a lot, even things that somehow are contrary to my previous values – which also somehow caused me to fear. But fear as we all know is just our ego protesting. And so I just take things with openness and I pray that whatever I may come to knowing is for the purpose of using it in love and light.

We are so blessed to have been born in this lifetime because we are chosen to be the initiators and witnesses of the earth’s transformation. When I come to understand that, my desire to work on myself has exploded to a whole new level. We are strong and powerful enough to effect good change on this earth – to remove ourselves from the matrix of “slavery”, money worship, deception, and ego-based living.

We are called to birth the new earth and assist in the transformation of the whole humanity. It may sound surreal but the earth’s vibration is already increasing by the day. And we only need to choose to ride the wave and be in our best self and inspire others to do the same. Those who resist the wave will end up drowned and confused. These are the people who choose ego over love. We are called to remind everyone of the power of love and compassion versus power of money.

My heart leaps knowing that I have been choosing to be out of the matrix since 2011, six years before my awakening. Segue, the same year I met my twin soul. I guess I have caught the vibe and I was not aware of it. Or again, Divine Timing / Divine Guidance.

So I will leave this with this note: wherever you are in your journey, trust that you are divinely guided. Whatever challenges, triggers or circumstances you are in now, know that it is there to serve your greater good. You have the capacity to make your journey a lot smoother and it is by working on yourself. When you work on becoming better, you inspire others – physically or energetically – to do the same.

The “shift” is called as such for a reason. The energies are to the roof. Feel it and soak yourself in it! High vibe to us all. Namaste.










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