Twin Flames: A lot has been going on. Are you keeping up? DM just woke up.

It’s been two weeks since I last posted, but I am happy to still get a steady read count from my previous ones. It means there are people really looking up for something to resonate with in their own journey. July 2017 is a handful.

I needed some time to process things within first and really marinate myself in everything that has happened. It was a lot to chew on but it was a beautiful buffet of events. Did you have that buffet too? I bet you did.

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I am not waiting for my Twin

This goes to all the divine feminines who are growing impatient for their counterpart to arrive. Already! I have come to this realization today.

I have last seen him in the flesh in September 2016, so as of writing, that is ten months of longing – for that intense feeling of just looking him in the eye and that overwhelming presence. I miss him. Nevertheless we are in communication via online and SMS, very sparsely. I know very well how he longs for me too. I feel it. He shows it in his most subtle, awkward ways.

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Are You Feeling the Shift?

I definitely do. Like crazy.

I have transformed a hundredfold within the last four months since I have become aware of my awakening. I actually prefer to define it as “coming to awareness” rather than “awakening” because I realized that every experience we had beginning in our childhood was part of the process of remembering who we really are, of refining us. However for simplicity in expressing myself, I will use awakening interchangeably.

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