You ask me how’s my journey so far?

It is soooo daaaaaamn challenging!

This twin flame (TF) journey has caused me a lot of purging here and there for four years now, and I didn’t know the meaning of “purging”until I come across this TF concept back in March 2017.  I’ll reserve the story and a number of confirmations in another blog and will link it here.

I have been called to grow and see the beauty in every situation, no matter how hard it is, and I will have to do that with my twin (the other half of my soul). It took me a long time to hear my guides, to wake up to the call.

Regardless of me not knowing about this journey, everything that me and my Divine masculine have been through – and are still going through – served its purpose to mature us emotionally and spiritually and it deepened our view of each other despite our weaknesses and flaws. I have to admit that out of all the obstacles life has thrown at me, it is through the challenges and pain of the TF journey that I awakened. And I can not be more grateful.

No, we are not in a romantic relationship. Though I am attracted to and drawn towards him in that deep spiritual and emotional level (not mentioning the physical), that my soul throbs every time I am near him. I know that I am special to him also with the way he communicates with me in those FEW moments. Yes, we seldom interact in the 3D world now but when we do, WE JUST FLOW and we lose track of the time! But I feel him everyday in the 5D like he was talking to me in my head.

It just happened that we were put in a pressing financial situation from our previous business venture and we had to solve it together. Typical of the blockages in twin flame relationships. It was like God has put a bond between us that we cannot just move on and go our separate ways. It mirrored our issues about trust and unconditional love and respect. It brought up my childhood trauma when my parents almost broke their marriage because of financial difficulties. And the goal is to get past this stuff while maintaining our high frequency. It is never easy. It takes a thousand ego deaths.

Right now, we seem to go on circles. We seem to move so slowly. And as much as I want to stay patient and in high vibe, I still snap. Well, the full moon may have something to do with my recent emotional breakdown. I was too low in my vibe that day that I could not recognize if that was my energy. I am guessing also that I may have picked up some of my twin’s vibe. It was two in the morning when I texted him and opened up to him about my worries. He replied shortly. And I am always grateful that he has never ignored me in those times I reached out to him for comfort. It’s been a week since we last talked until that day. His presence is powerful, it calmed my spirit. He closed our wee-hour conversation with a prayer. To me, that is so divine.

So far this is where we are at. I am trusting that we will ascend more to our Higher Self as we pass one hurdle to another, so that we can teach these lessons to the people we meet. I am trusting in the divine timing of things.

I am grateful that I am chosen to be in this path. And even if my twin isn’t awake yet (or so I thought), I believe he is on his way. This is the period of mass awakening; we live in the time when angels and guides are working together really hard to help more people wake up to their truth. I am excited to see the mysteries of who we truly are unfold before us.


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