Once you awaken, you can never go back to sleep. And I meant spiritually.

Hi! I am starting this blog site to document my journey in the spiritual realm, and I felt that this is Divinely guided. This is my gift and part of my life purpose.

It has only been a couple of months (March 2017) since I was led to the truth of who I really am, though I am still in the process of sinking it in and understanding the phenomena that have been occurring in my life and how they appear to connect the dots.

I am divine. I am more than who I thought I was. AND SO ARE YOU.

Let me give you a moment to digest that truth. You are divine.

This awakening has led me to look back into my life in a way that everything that seemed to not make sense in the past is now coming into clarity – the pain, the heartbreaks, the lessons, the decisions I made, etc.

You are here reading this because somehow you have been asking yourself a thousand times what is your purpose in this world, why your life seems to go on circles, why you keep playing the same old stories of failures and obstacles. Pain leads us to awaken. It is through the pain that we ask ourselves how we can do better. It is through our heartaches that we seek guidance from our Source.

This path is the one that I chose and I know in my heart that this is not going to be easy. This will push me to become the best version of me. Diamonds are created through extreme pressure and so is our Higher Self.

Cheers to you for waking up! And oh, by the way, happy Strawberry Full Moon!


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