Twin Flames: A lot has been going on. Are you keeping up? DM just woke up.

It’s been two weeks since I last posted, but I am happy to still get a steady read count from my previous ones. It means there are people really looking up for something to resonate with in their own journey. July 2017 is a handful.

I needed some time to process things within first and really marinate myself in everything that has happened. It was a lot to chew on but it was a beautiful buffet of events. Did you have that buffet too? I bet you did.

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I am not waiting for my Twin

This goes to all the divine feminines who are growing impatient for their counterpart to arrive. Already! I have come to this realization today.

I have last seen him in the flesh in September 2016, so as of writing, that is ten months of longing – for that intense feeling of just looking him in the eye and that overwhelming presence. I miss him. Nevertheless we are in communication via online and SMS, very sparsely. I know very well how he longs for me too. I feel it. He shows it in his most subtle, awkward ways.

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Are You Feeling the Shift?

I definitely do. Like crazy.

I have transformed a hundredfold within the last four months since I have become aware of my awakening. I actually prefer to define it as “coming to awareness” rather than “awakening” because I realized that every experience we had beginning in our childhood was part of the process of remembering who we really are, of refining us. However for simplicity in expressing myself, I will use awakening interchangeably.

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A Letter To The Divine Masculine from the Divine Feminine

My beloved,

I know that you are in the crossroad right now trying to find your stable ground in this world. I feel your deep desire to stand back up again in your power after all the disappointments and losses.

I know that it has been difficult for you getting out of the small and rather misaligned conclaves that this world has programmed us to be in. I know how hard it is for you to go back in balance again. So I am holding this space for you. This is your time to fully embrace your process.

Know that I feel your pain of having to rebuild from scratch, of having to leave a familiar path and take on a new one, of having to go through uncertainties again. This is required of us so we can re-evaluate ourselves and see the parts of us that are still governed by ego. This is meant to open your heart even more.

I want you to know that I am supporting you energetically every step of the way. As much as I wanted to be there for you in the physical to at least give you my warm embrace of comfort, I need to hold this space for you. This is meant to balance our self on our own. Remember though that this separation is only an illusion, because I have always been here with you and will always be, witnessing how you transform and grow stronger.

Thank you, my Beloved, for helping me also to remember why I am here and what I came for. We expand not for own self but to help others as well to expand and to bring back the alignment here on earth. You are always guided by the Divine and your angels. You are on the right track. Stay strong.

Love always,

Your twin soul.


How Does the New Earth Look Like?

I found some answers while disconnecting from the old earth noise.

Yesterday, I made a commitment to really unplug from the distractions of social media. I wrote that down and dedicated it to my Higher Self. I felt how powerful it is to make an agreement with that person who is your own ultimate version, more powerful than the pull of any of your addictions/ distractions. Try it!

It is when we are distracted that we fail to hear the messages God and our angels are sending us. Also, our attention is diverted from what we are supposed to be doing – INNER WORK!

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Who’s with me in this twin flame path?

You ask me how’s my journey so far?

It is soooo daaaaaamn challenging!

This twin flame (TF) journey has caused me a lot of purging here and there for four years now, and I didn’t know the meaning of “purging”until I come across this TF concept back in March 2017.  I’ll reserve the story and a number of confirmations in another blog and will link it here.

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The Divine Nudge

Once you awaken, you can never go back to sleep. And I meant spiritually.

Hi! I am starting this blog site to document my journey in the spiritual realm, and I felt that this is Divinely guided. This is my gift and part of my life purpose.

It has only been a couple of months (March 2017) since I was led to the truth of who I really am, though I am still in the process of sinking it in and understanding the phenomena that have been occurring in my life and how they appear to connect the dots.

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